What is CVD?

Meet Corey

coreyHi! My name is Corey.

I have Color Vision Deficiency, or CVD.

Some people call it Color Blindness, but there are lots of colors I can see.

I have a red-green deficiency. That’s the most common kind.

Please don’t ask me to sort red, green and brown leaves. To me, they look like different shades of the same color.

Did you know that purple is a mixture of red and blue? Since I can’t see the red part of purple, purple will look like blue.

I didn’t catch CVD and you can’t catch it from me. I inherited it. About one out of twelve boys has CVD. About one out of two hundred girls has CVD.

Imagine how confusing color can be for kids with CVD!

I label my art supplies and I avoid color-coding. But most of all, when colors confuse me, I count on my family, my teachers and my friends.



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