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ALL ABOUT COLOR BLINDNESS - A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency for Kids (and Grown-ups Too) by Karen Rae Levine, Illustrated by Frank Walls • ISBN: 978-0-9885615-1-9 (hardcover) • 32 pages • Fully illustrated • Halesite Press LLC

Corey, a fourth-grader, explains how his color deficiency caused problems in kindergarten. Along the way, Corey learns about the special way he sees colors and how to stay positive when colors confuse him. Corey’s Questions help readers understand CVD:  What is it? How many people have it? How do you know if you have CVD? What do people with CVD see? A section on Living with CVD offers advice on positive communication, examples of problem situations and strategies for living and learning with CVD. Advise for parents and teachers is also included.


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